What should I pay attention to when developing a trolley?

 COMPANY NEWS     |      2019-04-02 20:50
Nowadays, supermarket trolleys are basically not strange, but many times they are just a virtual shell, because many trolleys are no one to use it, except for the large weights in the rice grain and oil that are bought into bags. However, the volume of the trolley is too large. Some supermarkets have always been small in terms of saving traditional corridors. It is a problem to leave people, not to mention the need to accommodate such a large rut, so we are developing the trolley. At the same time, you still need to pay attention to a lot of things.
For example, many supermarkets have introduced a trolley-type shopping basket, which has enabled many supermarkets with smaller walking areas to solve their urgent needs. It can not only help the housewives who purchase it to avoid lifting the heavy goods, but also effectively improve the use of supermarket equipment. Rate - Super equipment that will not be used for a long time will rust in the wet little corner until retirement!
Although this hand-drawn shopping basket is really popular with everyone, it is indeed quite a large and large trolley. The things that can be loaded are really few and very few. Many families who choose to purchase on weekends will choose to use it. Supermarket trolleys are used as shopping equipment, but in this case we will encounter some troublesome problems, such as the use of the used trolleys lost all over the place, greatly improving the workload of the trolley administrator.
With the spread of this phenomenon, the coin-operated shopping cart once again solved the problem. The simple one yuan can make many customers develop the supermarket shopping carts that are used every time.
The supermarket shopping cart has made a little progress. We often need to make some progress in the supermarket shopping. Only when both parties work hard and progress can the supermarket shopping experience be better and better, so that every customer is more and more liked. Go shopping in the supermarket, isn't it? !