Supermarket shopping cart use precautions

 INDUSTRY INFORMATION     |      2019-04-02 20:51
I believe that you will have seen such a scene when you visit the supermarket: some parents want to prevent their children from running around, but also to liberate their hands. Think of the supermarket trolley as a "stroller" and let the children sit in the supermarket trolley.
Although some supermarkets use eye-catching words on the wall to remind people to "use the trolley correctly", some parents do not care about it.
According to the staff of a supermarket, the weight and design of the trolley is convenient for shopping. Therefore, the safety factor of the child-carrying child may not be perfect. Under normal circumstances, the supermarket will not only create a warm reminder card in a conspicuous position, but the staff will see it. When a child over 15 kg sits or stands in the shopping box of the trolley, he will also take the initiative to remind and dissuade the parents.
However, it is often encountered that some parents do not cooperate, and the goodwill reminders and dissuasion of supermarket staff are ignored. At this time, the staff can only turn to remind parents not to neglect to look after their children.
It is easy for children to sit in the wheelbarrow to hide hidden dangers, which is often overlooked by many parents. If the parents don't pay attention to the child, there will be accidents, especially when the escalator is down. The trolley is “top-heavy” and it is easy to get out of control. Many accidents happen.
It is understood that the average supermarket trolley can withstand the weight of the goods can not exceed 15 kg. If the trolley is overloaded, it is easy to accident.
Usually, the weight of a child of 3 or 4 years old can reach the upper limit of the weight of the trolley, and the parents still need to put the items to be purchased in the trolley, which greatly increases the chance of accidents.
Then there is the child sitting in the wheelbarrow, seeing the favorite snacks on the shelf next to it, will stand up and reach for it, and if the child does not stand still, or the pulley of the trolley slides sideways, it is possible to build a trolley. Rolled over and the child was injured.
In addition, the supermarket floor is smooth, if the parents do not grab the trolley at a time, causing the trolley to slide forward automatically, it will also cause accidental injury to the child.
The last thing to say is that supermarket carts are not hygienic, so that children sitting in carts will increase their chances of exposure to sources of viral infections such as salmonella and meningitis.